Not to brag, but we have the best team in Naperville. Don’t believe us? Check them out! If anyone thinks they have better, we say “GAME ON!”

  • Nicole

    Nicole is our fearless leader, founder, owner…. need we go on? Certified in PIYO, Yoga Body Bootcamp and “Insanity” (coincidence?), she has made fitness and health her life’s work. One of Nicole’s greatest joys is watching her amazing group of friends and clients reach their true potential, in and out of the gym. Nicole hopes that 360FiT becomes the “safe haven”, “home away from home”, “hang-out” and overall provider of inspiration and growth she intends it to be for all of its members. Secret talent: Petitioning the FDA to make licorice a food group.

  • Christina

    Christina is a Figure Athlete and Fitness Professional. Her love for fitness has led her to becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist with a focus on transforming bodies. She takes pride in finding the most fun and effective workouts for her clients while creating an exciting environment for all levels of fitness to enjoy. She loves teaching others how to incorporate fitness and proper nutrition into a healthy lifestyle in a practical and family friendly way. Look for her 360FiT BodyShop Q & A’s to learn more about the power of good nutrition. Besides rowing, cooking and showing up boys with her heavy lifting, Christina takes pride in building up others with her optimism and honesty and is excited to be joining the 360FiT team. Secret Talent: Making sure her two pit bulls keep their paws off of her cannoli cake (Don’t EVEN think about it Jax and Diesel!)

  • Jill

    Jill’s love of yoga stems from its ability to be a practice ground for life! Need to slow down? Try it on the mat. Need more patience? Try it on the mat. Need less reactivity? Try it on the mat! Need a new perspective? Try it on the mat! It soon became evident that she needed to just stay on her mat!

    Jill’s major yoga influences have been Baron Baptiste, Stacy Dockins and Philip Urso. Jill still believes that yoga can be a full-body workout, but it doesn’t have to be fast paced. Her favorite style is a mindful flow that challenges the body and mind with longer holds and focused breathing. If you have breath, you have yoga, add self-awareness and you have magic!

    Jill has her ERYT 200 hours and 300 hours and co-owns Barefoot Power Yoga School. Jill is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP).

  • Joey

    Joey is a mom, wife, sister, daughter, instructor, and coach… but most importantly, she is passionate about inspiring others to achieve their goals in health and fitness!  A guru for the past 20 years, her certifications include AFAA, spinning, piloxing, muscle max, BodyShred, PiYo, and Tabata. Her favorite classes are the Tabata boot camps and small group HIIT.  As she figures out this whole “aging thing”, she has learned that functional flexibility and strength building are huge factors in a healthy body and mind. As hard working and committed as she is, she is also a firm believer in the importance of “rest days”… in other words, EVERYTHING in moderation (except happiness and love – that needs to be in excess!!)   Secret talent: Denying that she stole ALL of her kids Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with a straight face and avoiding feet at all costs.

  • Kim

    RYT 200 hour and Yoga Body Bootcamp certified, Kim will use patience, support and challenging poses to make you feel invigorated in both body and spirit. Kim learned to use yoga and meditation to find the inner peace to navigate the journey through her daughter’s battle with Leukemia. In other words, she is the real deal ready to start you on your journey to self empowerment. Secret talent: Managing to stay fit despite the obsession for French wine and pastries, which began while she studied abroad in Dijon, France.

  • Lori

    Overall health and wellbeing have been a passion of Lori’s for more than 25 years. Her fun and motivating approach to working out invites all levels to achieve their personal best.  Certified through ACE Fitness and holding numerous certifications, Lori’s most recent certifications include: Jillian Michaels Body Shred and Women & Running. When she’s not at the gym, you will see Lori running through the trails in Naperville.  Lori is training for the New York Marathon.  N.Y. will be Lori’s 14th 26.2 race (seriously…).   Secret talent: Embarrassing her two daughters by intentionally singing the wrong words to a song or dancing in public.

  • Mandy

    Be careful getting to know Mandy! She can see things about you that you didn’t even know existed. Armed with over 500 hours of yoga training, her goal in life is to make you see yourself as a powerful, purposeful person on and off your mat. When she is not busy empowering you, Mandy counsels adolescents at a local hospital and nanny’s three precious boys. Secret talent: Making Chipotle burrito bowls feel healthy by combining them with Starbucks chai tea lattes.

  • Mary Ellen
    Mary Ellen

    Founder of the nutrition coaching program “The Kitchen Remix”, Mary Ellen strongly believes in the connection of the body, mind and spirit… in other words, if we get our head and heart “right” the body will follow. Her experience as a competitive runner and college cross country coach combined with 8 years teaching barre will come in handy as she whips you into shape. Certified in all types of yoga including vinyasa, hatha and restorative practices, if you have an old injury from your glory days, Mary Ellen is your gal! Secret talent: She will take you OUT on the dance floor.

  • Monica

    The fitness madness started when she took a spin class and thought to herself, “Hmmm, I can do that and make it a lot more fun and a lot more challenging!” Mission accomplished! Her goal has always been to challenge each person in the room to do their best on that day! Love, passion and fun goes into every class she teaches; strength, bootcamp, cross training, cycle, barre, interval training, treading. The only thing this Brazilian can’t teach is Zumba – go figure! She is not joking when she tells you that she has run 26 marathons! Yep, marathons! She has lost count of half marathons and triathlons. Being a mom and a wife is her happy place. Ok, a tropical resort would make her happy too, but true joy comes from being around family and friends. Secret talent: Training her two dogs to stay organized.

  • Sue

    A cardio junkie, Sue was running, stepping, kickboxing, and hip-hopping thru life until four pregnancies started to wear her body down. Half-heartedly, she went to her first hot power yoga class and literally stumbled her way thru all the poses. In spite of that inauspicious beginning, something clicked and she became hooked. Through many awesome teachers who helped debunk all her misconceptions about yoga, she not only grew in her personal practice but felt led to become that kind of teacher as well in 2012. She is an E-RYT 200 certified power yoga teacher as well as certifications in yoga sculpt and hot power fusion. She creates the kind of classes she adores…challenging, energetic, and filled with a good dose of humor and inspiration.

    Fun fact: She can binge watch seasons of TV shows like it’s an Olympic event. Really. Gold medal level. Sleep is overrated.

  • Sean

    Sean began practicing yoga in 2004, as a way to heal a neck injury. Within weeks, she noticed a shift in her mind, body, and spirit. Sean believes that yoga creates the harmony and balance she needs, and wants in her life. After many years working in the hospital corporate world as a nurse educator, she made the switch to teaching yoga and has never looked back.
    She completed her 200-hour RYT in 2012, and Life Coaching with Debbie Williamson. She has had the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops and training programs with some of her favorite teachers. These include Eric Paskel, Kino Macgregor, Seane Corn, Dave Farmar, Phillip Urso and others. Sean believes that moments on our mat translate to amazing moments in life. By practicing yoga, we create space for BIG possibilities, as we let go of mediocre choices.
    Secret talent: champion Go Cart racer among all her friends and family

  • Ruth

    Ruth was transplanted from Southern Ontario to Naperville 13 years ago, with three, now grown and somewhat sassy, children. A famous dabbler she has tried everything from meditation to martial arts, from warrior dashes to Greenland stick kayak rolling, but Yoga has remained her physical, emotional and spiritual refuge and the only thing that slows down her “Madly Off in All Directions’ kind of brain. Having completed her 200hr Power Yoga training she then became certified in Yoga Sculpt, Hot Power Fusion, Yin Yoga and level 2 Vinyasa sequencing. She also leads awesome teacher trainings in multiple formats. But wait, there’s more! She is currently working towards her 500hr certification with Wild Abundant Life and has completed trainings in Yoga as Integrative Medicine, Advanced Yoga Assists, and Advanced Vinyasa teaching. She has a wicked cool crystal singing bowl and an equally rad ocean drum and she’s not afraid to use them. She is also an avid artist, photographer, writer, and editor, and has been known to dabble in Improv comedy, you know, on the side, in her spare time. Secret Talent: Serious Snapchat Parrot skills, seriously, the bird is totally famous.

  • Danna

    Danna first tried yoga in college seeking a way to reduce stress and improve flexibility. It wasn’t until 5 years ago where she realized the deep mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that came from a deeper practice. Wanting to strengthen her own personal practice she enrolled in the 200 hour program at Prairie Yoga in Lisle, Illinois. It is there where she fell in love with Restorative Yoga and was drawn to its powerful healing and recuperative effects. Guiding her students to “let go” and teaching them to receive rather than do the pose are two of her favorite elements of restorative yoga. Danna truly sees yoga as gift that has helped transform her own life. Secret Talent: She can make a green smoothie taste like a decadent dessert!

  • Anna

    Seeking to improve her physical health after having a baby Anna stepped into her first yoga class years ago. Not only was her physical health improved but she knew her life was changed as well. Anna became 200 Hr RYT certified in 2011 and has been teaching ever since. Yoga has helped her attain peace and stillness amidst the craziness of life. No matter what type of yoga she is teaching Anna likes to create a challenging yet light-hearted environment to facilitate growth for her students! When she’s not teaching yoga you can find her spending time with her 3 kids and husband!

  • Marylee

    Being inflexible and not particularly graceful, Marylee was afraid to try yoga for years. When persistent back and hip problems left her no choice but to give yoga a shot, she finally discovered that you don’t need to be flexible, graceful, or even coordinated to practice yoga! Everyone can experience its many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits! After realizing that, Marylee was eager to learn more and earned her vinyasa yoga teacher certification. She loves to help people connect to their practices in their own individual ways and see how much fun they can have in the process! Secret talents: Planning crazy, awesome vacations to visit national parks across the world and finding the cutest shelter dogs to adopt.

  • Diana

    Diana reluctantly took her first yoga class only because her fitness club’s rules required that she stay in the building in order to use the daycare. Fast-forward fifteen years: Diana’s kids were out of daycare but she was still WAY into yoga. She launched into teacher-training, got her 200-hour RYT certification, and never looked back. She takes and teaches classes ranging from Restorative to Hot Flow. She pours her passion into building creatively themed, high-energy Yoga Sculpt classes that use thoughtfully selected music to make you sing and smile as you sweat!

    Secret Talent: “Rapping” alignment cues to the beat of the song and busting out some impromptu break-dancing during her Sculpt classes—oh wait! That’s not a secret! Ummm… less obvious is her uncanny ability to pack complete meals into the tiny fanny pack in her water belt for long runs. Why eat slimy Hammer Gel when you can have a nice turkey and provolone sandwich?

  • Kim

    Kim Insley is a former gymnastics instructor, seamstress, and the mother of three daughters. Because of the physical demands that her jobs put on her body and the enormous challenges of motherhood, Kim turned to yoga as a way to get in shape and “blow off steam.” She was stunned at how much yoga changed her life. Her practice, which consists of hot and power yoga, has made her stronger and more balanced on every level. After years of suffering from low-back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, she discovered the amazing healing power of hot yoga. These transformations in her own body and life made her realize that she needs to share the physical and emotional benefits of yoga with others. Kim enjoys guiding her students toward a more balanced life.

  • Sylvia

    Sylvia is Certified in Tabata, Bolly X and after months of therapy behind severe sciatica pain, Sylvia added her new found love and received her certification in Yoga Sculpt from Core Power Yoga. Sylvia found the amazing benefits of Yoga, both physically and mentally. Yoga Sculpt allowed Sylvia to combine cardio/weights/music and end in a wonderful savasanah!! Married with 2 kids away at Mizzou, Sylvia loves to keep busy by volunteering monthly at a grammar school in Chicago holding mini Bootcamp classes
    and healthy eating workshops.

    Fun Fact: Sylvia loves ALL music, from Hall and Oates to Reggaeton to Hip Hop and she is not afraid to dance! Do not be alarmed if she spontaneously “breaks a move.”

  • Ellen

    Ellen first came to the practice of yoga in 2005 to help heal injuries sustained through years of martial arts training. A student of hot yoga since 2010, she gravitated toward both the discipline of the practice and the health benefits of the intense heat. Ellen completed her CYT 200 h training at Prairie Yoga in May 2013 and has been teaching ever since. Ellen views yoga as a continuously evolving process that can be approached with a fresh perspective in every class, for every student.She believes that understanding the anatomy behind the movements and the “why” of the postures is essential for students in developing a mindful practice. Once the postures are deeply felt and understood in the physical body, the mind is then free to focus on the more spiritual aspects of practice.Ellen is passionate about the role of yoga in recovery from addiction and is focusing on the integration of mindfulness practice and therapy in her career as an addictions counselor. She runs “Sober Yogis”, a social recovery network at the studio on Sunday evenings. She enjoys teaching a variety of class styles, including traditional Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Power Fusion, Restorative and Fitness.